High Profit Business Idea: Earn upto 55 to 60 thousand Monthly Read More

With the increase in demand for herbal products in the market, business opportunities in this sector have increased and earning opportunities have been created.

If you also want to earn big profits with less investment, then this business will prove helpful for you. Nowadays people want to start their own business, but are not able to do so due to lack of big earning business idea. Today we are telling you about a business which you can start with less investment and can also earn huge profits from it.

Due to the increase in the demand of herbal products in the market, business opportunities have increased in this field and earning opportunities have been created. Apricot oil has anti-aging properties. It nourishes the skin, which reduces the signs of aging. Apricot oil also helps in treating dry and flaky scalp. Apricot oil has tremendous demand in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, aromatherapy. In such a situation, you can earn better by setting up Apricot Oil Processing Unit.

Project Cost

KVIC has prepared a report on Apricot Oil Processing Unit. As per the report, the cost of setting up the apricot oil processing unit is Rs 10.79 lakh. However, you can start it for just Rs 1 lakh 80 thousand. You can finance the remaining amount.

According to the project report, to set up an apricot oil processing unit, you must have your own land or rented space. Rs 5 lakh will be required on plant and machinery, Rs 1 lakh 50 thousand on furniture and fixers and Rs 4 lakh 29 thousand will be required for working capital.

Earn 50 to 60 thousand every month

According to KVIC, you can earn up to 60 thousand rupees every month from the business of Apricot Oil Processing Unit. Your profit in the first year will be Rs 2.08 lakh. However, as the business grows, your profits will increase and in the fifth year you will have a net profit of around Rs.6 lakhs.

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