12 महीने चलने वाला बिजनेस(A business that runs for 12 months)

A business that runs for 12 months can be a seasonal business or a short-term project. Here are a few ideas for businesses that can be run for a period of 12 months:

12 महीने चलने वाला बिजनेस(A business that runs for 12 months)
  1. Event Planning: Start an event planning business that specializes in organizing weddings, corporate events, or parties. You can cater to clients throughout the year and plan events during different seasons.
  2. Vacation Rental: Purchase or lease a property in a popular tourist destination and offer it as a vacation rental. You can market it as a short-term accommodation option for travelers during peak seasons.
  3. Outdoor Adventure Tours: If you live in an area with natural attractions or adventure opportunities, you can start an outdoor adventure tour business. Offer activities such as hiking, kayaking, camping, or zip-lining to visitors during the favorable months.
  4. Seasonal Food Stall: Set up a food stall or a food truck that offers seasonal delicacies or treats. For example, you can sell ice cream during the summer or hot beverages during the winter.
  5. Holiday Decorations: Start a business that specializes in decorating homes and businesses for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, or Diwali. This business can be particularly busy during the festive seasons.
  6. Agricultural or Horticultural Business: If you have access to farmland or a suitable gardening space, consider starting a seasonal agricultural or horticultural business. You can grow and sell seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, or herbs.
  7. Pop-up Shop: Set up a temporary retail store or pop-up shop that offers unique or trendy products. This can be done during the holiday season or during special events in your area.

Remember to conduct thorough market research, create a business plan, and obtain any necessary permits or licenses before starting your venture. Additionally, tailor your business idea to the local demand and resources available in your area for optimal success.

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