Minnesota Company Helps Design, Build Disaster-Proof Dome Homes

By Karobaar Sahayta             Oct 26, 2023

A Minnesota company called Natural Spaces Domes is helping people build disaster-proof homes that are shaped like domes.

The company's founder, Dennis Odin Johnson, says that dome homes are stronger and more energy-efficient than traditional homes

Dome homes are made up of a series of triangles that are joined together to form a strong, circular structure.

The triangles distribute the weight of the home evenly, making it more resistant to wind and earthquakes. 

Dome homes are also more energy-efficient than traditional homes because they have a better shape for capturing and retaining heat.

Natural Spaces Domes has been helping people build dome homes for over 20 years.

The company offers a variety of dome home kits that can be customized to fit the needs of each individual customer.

Dome homes can be used as primary residences, vacation homes, or even businesses.