Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

The effects in this series are consistently some of the best cg of the modern era

Looks like we are finally getting closer to the 1968 original timeline! Looks amazing!

These days there’s like two/three good anticipated movies the whole year. This is one of em

I can already see this as a new masterpiece, humans and apes TOGETHER STRONG

I'm mind blown at how a movie about talking apes can be so captivating. The power of good characterization and good storytelling.

You have to love how loyal the fan base is to this franchise, and the effort and care dedicated to this franchise.

I'm genuinely terrified for this film. Coming off of the heels of the Trilogy, it's got some gigantic shoes to fill.

Why is it this franchise is the most underrated sleeper hit of the decade. It’s just quietly carving out its own universe creating legendary stories each film

If they can continue to pull this off this may become the greatest series if movies weve ever seen