How to Register a Private Limited Company in India

By Shubhangi  1 Nov 2023

Apply for a Director Identification Number (DIN) online through the MCA website

Apply for a Directory Identification Number (DIN)

Get a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for each director online from a certified authority. DSCs are electronic signatures for online document signing.

Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate

After getting DIN and DSC for each director, pick a unique company name. Ensure it's not already in use in India by checking on the MCA website.

Choose a Company Name

After selecting a company name, submit the incorporation application (SPICe+ form) to the MCA online through their website.

File the incorporation application

Submit the SPICe+ form along with the required incorporation fee to the MCA. The fee amount is based on the authorized capital of the company and can be paid online through the MCA payment gateway.

Pay the incorporation fee

After processing your application, MCA will issue a Certificate of Incorporation, which is the official document confirming your company's incorporation.

Obtain the certificate of  incorporation 

Congratulations on registering your private limited company in India! You're now ready to start operating and growing your business