How to become a young entrepreneur?

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

Develop a entrepreneurship mindset from by reading sucessful entrepreneurs books

Identify your passion & Interests

Find a business idea based on your personal interests & your skills

Research about your business idea

do market research about your business idea. Identify target audience & competitors

Create a business plan

A well-structured business plan will guide your efforts and, if necessary, assist you in obtaining funds.

Acquire knowledge and skills

to become a succesful entrepreneur you have develop a your knowledge & skills

start small & take a action

first you have to start a business by a small scale offer your product/services to your family,friends in local community

Build a network

build a professional as well as local network that will help in your business 

seek funding if necessary

various funding option such as bootstrapping, investmnet from friends & family

learn from failures

learn from failures, read a entrepreneurship books and learn from them 

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