10 Top Small-Scale Business Ideas in India

As people become health-conscious nowadays, so, fruit juice business will be profitable business in future due to the growing demand for refreshing and nutritious beverages.

1. Fruit Juice Corner

You can take online/ offline classes in the subject in which you are expert

2. Teaching /Tution Classes

As everyone knows, snacks are a part of our daily routine; from children to elders, everyone needs them. It's a profitable business.

3. Snacks Business

If you're  creative, you loves to design dresses / Customized clothing than turn this passion into profession

4. Sewing/Dressmaking

Its a Online retail business you can start from your home, its a digital era with some market strategy one can earn in lakhs

5. E-Commerce Business

Blogging had potential for monetization. Successful bloggers can generate income through advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, product sales

6. Blogging

Teach people how to cook different cuisine food either you can take offline classes or online through youtube or blogging

7. Food & Beverage Courses

If you want to work from home without investment and you love to spent time with children have passion for childcare then think about it.

8. In-Home Daycare

You can teach dance in which you have knowledge, skill

9. Dance Classes

Nowadays, without cake there is no celebration so you can start cake making business online from home

10. Baking Business

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