Unique Business Idea: Start a Unique Business with an Investment of just 20,000 and Earn double

Unique Business Idea 2023: Hello guys, hope you’re doing well. Even if you are thinking of starting some side business to earn extra income, then definitely read this article, will talk about such a business idea that has demand currently and in the coming future, so if you start it from now, then you can earn a lot of profit in the coming future and you can do it as a side business. 

Today’s business idea is a “gift basket”. You must be aware that the trend of gift baskets is going to a peak. On any occasion, nowadays people love to give gift baskets to each other. It is a complete kit in which all the ingredients are included.

The gift basket business is very popular and profitable because you can start it with very little investment, this business idea is good for those women whose professional life has stopped due to their personal life. Due to the responsibilities of the house, they are not able to do their jobs.

They can start their own business from home and can make this a huge business because in the coming year demand for gift baskets is going to be increased.

Before starting this business, you have to think about which type you have to start this business, which means there are many niches. Like Baby Showers, Wedding, House warming, Diwali, Christmas, Valentine or any special day. 

For example, for Valentine’s Day, you can make a chocolate gift basket. It looks very beautiful to see if it is decorated creatively, then everyone likes it very much. Giving gift baskets as a gift looks cool and classy.

So if you start it from now itself then you can earn a lot of profit.

Unique Business Idea: How to Start a Gift Basket Business


First of all, we will talk about investment because our first concern for starting any business is investment.

You have to invest a little amount which is the best part of this… Invest Less and Earn More, you can start your gift basket business by investing an amount ranging from Rs. 10,000 to 20,000

Space Required

If you do not have much investment in the beginning, then you can start it from a room in your house where you will assemble the gift and you will have to keep a place for display where you can keep all your products or sample products.

As your business grows, you can do it on a large scale as well.

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Raw Material

Now we will talk about the raw material which is required. To make a gift basket, however, it will require many types of raw material, it depends on you how you have to design the product. 

But the basic things which are necessary for every design like a basket, decoration cloth, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, etc.

If you want to buy all these raw materials at a cheap rate, then you can buy them from a wholesale market like Sadar Bazar of Delhi. Crawford Market in Mumbai, 

you will find some wholesale markets in every such city.

You can buy all the raw materials from such wholesale markets. so that you can get all the materials at a low cost.

How to make a Gift Basket

Now let’s talk about how to make a gift basket. If you are wondering and thinking that you do not have any knowledge of this, you don’t have such skills, then you have to learn this skill, if you want, you can learn this technique, skill by watching videos on YouTube, which you can do for free.

Or if you are thinking of doing a good business, then you have to do a short course where all creativity is taught. 

unique business idea

These are very short courses and they will require less investment.

So you need to learn some skills because the more creatively you make gift baskets, you will attract clients because everyone likes creativity

Profit in Gift Basket

If we talk about profit, whatever amount it takes you to make a gift, for example, if you have made a gift basket for ₹ 100, then you can charge 170 or even 200 bucks, depending on the location you are in, how the market is in your location. you can earn double the amount of your investment.


Now we will talk about how to get clients, for this, you have to do marketing. Without promoting any business, that business will not be successful, so you must do its marketing.

You can do its marketing through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups. 

Here you can upload the images of your gift basket, whatever order you get or you can upload the photo of the sample that you have prepared, then after seeing that post, the client will order you himself.

If you get to learn anything from this article, if there is any value added, then you must share it and comment. If you need any help then do comment. 

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